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Still under construction, of course, but we need some sort of infrastructure that works better for collaboration. We have a wiki-blog (bliki?) and we're running ikiwiki so many great things are possible here.

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I hear people want to start work on a queer friendly MarketList. I'm not sure that the wiki is the best way to do this, in the long run, but it might be a good way to begin work on this. On the list I brought up two metaprojects that might be useful to engage with before beginning work on the project in earnest. they are:

As we were talking and thinking about this project I thought it might be nice to have a RecommendedReading list or bibliography of some sort. Shall we work on that as well?

Wikis are collaborative and awesome, particularly when they're being used. This is a space available for all Outer Alliance members and contributors to use to further their projects. Do feel free to edit and use this space. Please join us! If you're a member of the Outer Alliance and/or are interested in having a page on the wiki we have a "folk" section. Please add yourself there. Also you can feel free to add attributions and links to your "folk" page as you edit the wiki.

Everything here is possible via the web, or almost everything. If something is quirky talk to Sam/tycho garen@tychoish.com, who is doing the admining for the moment. The domain is a placeholder. The design is also just a place holder. Feel free to steal from my other project which uses the same software. And I'd love hacking on the subject. If you want to help email, or better yet hit me up on IRC (tychoish, oftc/freenode) or via xmpp/googletalk.