Queer Friendly Market List

What markets are friendly and welcoming to stories with Queer content? Specific editors and anthologists who have queer-related specialties.

I offer the below as a simple guideline. I think we should establish and hashout some EditorialPolicy and community standards so we (and the markets we interact with) can more firmly understand our purpose and method/procedure. --tychoish

3/6/10--I'm adding "recommended" markets, with the recommending OA member being myself. I've either read LGBT-inclusive fiction from these places, or they appear on a Duotrope search for LGBT themes. --tarkenberg 5/22/10--Added more markets. As always, anyone coming to this page is welcome to correct mistakes or add listings of their own.--tarkenberg 9/15/11--Updated some current listings (increased pay rates, changes in word count preferences, etc.) and fixed a few typos. Might add some more markets if I get around to it.--alanyee

Members of the Outer Alliance

Crossed Genres--Monthly Science Fiction/Fantasy magazine with a different theme every month. Short stories of 1000-8000 words, articles of 500-3000, novellas and novels of 20,000-100,000 to be serialized. Pays $10 for short stories, articles, $10/month for serial novels + royalties when published as print and e-book, and $20 for novellas + royalties if included in anthology. Co-edited by Bart R. Leib and K.T. Holt. (There is also a recently started up quarterly 'zine, "The Little Death of Crossed Genres," specializing in erotic fiction. Pay $5 + copies.)

Drollerie Press--Small publisher of transformative and mythic speculative fiction. Publishes eBooks and print copies of stories between 2000-85,000 words. Has several imprints for Fantasy, Science Fiction, Inspirational, Dark Fantasy/Horror, Young Adult, Suspense/Mystery, Romance and Erotica, Literary/Experimental, World/Multicultural, and GLBTQ (Flyleaf imprint). Pays royalties, 42% net. Creative Director and Founder: Deena Fisher.

Fantastique Unfettered--Magazine for most genres (science fiction should be sent to M-Brane) of 5000 words or less, sweet spot 4-5K. Pays 33.00 per story, 3cents/word for poetry (minimum $5, max $10).

The Future Fire--Quarterly webzine of speculative fiction with a socio-political focus, also ?CyberPunk. Flexible regarding wordcount, but prefers less than 10,000 words (stories up to 20,000 words and of excellent quality may be serialized). Pays $20. Does not pay for reprints. General editors: Djibril Alayad and Bruce Stenning.

GUD Magazine--GUD (pronounced "good") is Greatest Uncommon Denominator, an award-winning print/pdf magazine with two hundred pages of literary and genre fiction, poetry, art, and articles. Our hardcopy issues are 5"x8", slightly narrower than a mainstream paperback but solid in the hands and easy to read. Pays 3c/w up to 15k, 1c/w for reprints (plus contributor copy). guidelines here.

Lacuna: A Journal of Historical Fiction--Bi-annual historical fiction webzine. No limit on wordcount, but strongly prefers short stories under 6,000 words. Will also consider alternate history and historical fiction with science fiction, fantasy, or horror elements. Accepts reprints. Pays $5.00 per accepted piece, or for each segment of a serialized novella. Editor: Megan Arkenberg.

Lethe Press--Press specializing in speculative fiction, books of gay interest, poetry, spirituality, as well as classic works of the occult & supernatural. Query before submitting. Pay: ?? Owner and publisher: Steve Berman.

M-Brane SF--Science fiction magazine, published monthly. Open to all subgenres, no upper or lower wordcount, does NOT accept reprints. Pay: $10 or year-long subscription. Edited by Christopher Fletcher.

Mirror Dance--Quarterly fantasy magazine. Open to all subgenres. No limit on wordcount. Accepts reprints. 4theluv. Editor: Megan Arkenberg

QueeredFiction--Small Press publisher of LGBT speculative fiction. Publishes in print and eBook formats in the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres and all permutations thereof. We're all about publishing Queer Speculative Fiction. For current requirements see our website: http://www.queeredfiction.com. Accepts novels and novellas 15,000 words and up, pays royalties, 40% ebooks and 20% print (net?). Founded: James EM Rasmussen.

Survival by Storytelling--Irregularly published magazine, issues published when filled. Accepts poetry, short fiction, short plays, and non-fiction in any genre up to 20,000 words (prefers 3000-6000). Authors must be 25 years of age or younger. Now themed (current theme: steampunk). No reprints. Pays royalties (2/3 of all profits go back to contributors). Edited by Shaun Duke.

Editors who have Requested Inclusion in this List

Semaphore Magazine--Ezine published quarterly with an annual anthology. Accepts fiction (1,000-7,000 words), poetry, and essays. Prefers not to see explicit sexual content or violence, and absolutely no combination of the two. Query before sending multiple submissions. Pays $NZ10 + royalties if included in the anthology. Edited by Marie Hodgkinson and co-editors Tabitha Polson and Freyja van Alphen-Fyfe.

A number of editors and agents have expressed interest in queer content and characters in YA fiction on twitter in response to a recent controversy, listed here: queer-ya-tweets

Markets recommended to this list by members of the Outer Alliance

Beneath Ceaseless Skies--Pro-paying webzine of literary, adventure, secondary world fantasy published monthly. Accepts original fiction up to 10,000 words. Pays 5 cents/word. Editor: Scott Andrew. SFWA.

Black Gate--Pro-paying print magazine of epic fantasy. "Homosexual themes are certainly welcome (and in fact we’re still waiting to read the first great YA “alternate romance”), but we’re not interested in heavy-handed gay or lesbian tracts any more than we are in anti-homosexual fiction." Pays 3-6 cents/word for fiction up to 5,000 words, $150-$200 from 5,000 to 15,000 words, and $200-$250 at greater lengths, on acceptance. Editor: John O’Neill

Blind Eye Books --Publishes science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance novels with a gay or lesbian protagonist. Strongly prefers stories of 70,000-150,000 words. Editor: Nicole Kimberling

Bold Strokes Books --Publishes LGBTQ novels in most genres, including young adult, as well as ebooks of 20,000 words and greater. Pays royalties quarterly on a tiered system.

Bull Spec --Publishes science fiction and fantasy of 1000-7500 words. Pays 5cents/word advance against royalties. Accepts reprints, but with no advance.

Chizine --Quarterly (?) webzine of dark fiction. Accepts stories up to 4,000 words. Pay 7 cents/word. Editors: Brett Alexander Savory, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Michael Marano, and Gord Zajac.

Collective Fallout --print journal of queer-themed science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and other speculative short fiction, published twice a year. Accepts short stories of up to 10,000 words, up to 5 poems/450 total lines of poetry, drama with a playing time of 8 to 15 minutes, graphic novel up to 25 pages. 4theLove.

Dreamspinner Press --Publishes gay male romance stories of 15,000 words and up. Accepting short fiction and novellas for a limited time. Pays advance and 25% net royalties for novels or short story collections, 33% net for novellas, 50% net for short fiction.

Electric Velocipede-- Print magazine of science fiction and fantasy, and the weird. Pays 1 cent/word for stories up to 10,000 words, prefers 3,000-6,000 word range. Winnter of 2009 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. Editor: John Klima.

Eternal Press-- publishes fantasy, paranormal and erotic novels, and has an LGBT genre.

Etopia Press-- publishes genre ebooks, including an LGPT line "paranormal and historical to contemporary M/M"

Every Day Fiction -- Ezine publishing one flash fic of 1000 words or less daily. Payment of $3 with option to donate.

Expanded Horizons--Monthly webzine that aims to increase diversity within speculative fiction. Accepts stories and essays (both 6,000 words or less). Does not accept erotica (read submission guidelines carefully, and follow them exactly). Pays $30. Editor: Dash. Webmistress: Jacie.

GigaNotoSaurus --Pays $100/story for fiction from 5000-25,000 words. "We do want a variety of settings, styles, viewpoints, and backgrounds. This includes but is not limited to cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders."

JMS Books LLC--small press specializing in gay/lesbian/transgender fiction (including erotica, romance, and young adult), as well as general fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. E-books, print if over 30K. Stories for new authors should be 15k-75k. Pays royalties, 50% net.

Kaleidotrope --Print magazine published twice a year. Accepts fiction 250-10,000 words, poems under 100 lines. Accepts reprints, though they will be a tough sell. Pays $5 and 2-3 copies, copies only for flash fiction and reprints. Editor: Frank Coppersmith.

Khimairal Ink --ezine of genre and mainstream lesbian fiction published quarterly. Does not accept horror or stories with excessive violence, profanity, or sexual content. Prefers positive, thought-provoking, and clever stories that are character-driven, well-written, and well-plotted. Pays $5 and accepts fiction up to 8000 words. Managing Editor: Carrie Tierney (The ezine is published by Bedazzled Ink, which also accepts mainstream lesbian and speculative fiction ).

Kite Hill Publishing --UK based, royalty-paying small press publishing Ebooks and paperbacks (35% net for print, 40% net for e) with GLBT characters, by both British and international authors. Accepts science fiction, urban fantasy, as well as epic/quest fantasy with strong romantic element.

Pseudopod --Horror fiction podcast. Accepts short stories of 2,000-6,000 words or less than 1,500 words. Pays $100. Editor: Ben Phillips. (Related audio publishers are PodCastle for fantasy and Escape Pod for science fiction).

Shimmer--Print and electronic magazine. Mostly publishes contemporary fantasy. Accepts fiction up to 5,000 words (query for longer). Pays 1 cent per word, minimum $10. Editor-in-Chief: Beth Wodzinski.

Strange Horizons--Weekly webzine. Accepts fiction (up to 9,000 words, prefers under 5,000), art, articles, and reviews. Does not accept reprints. Pays 7 cents/word (SFWA).

Sybil's Garage--Print and online magazine from Senses Five Press. Accepts fiction (up to 5000 words), art, poetry, and nonfiction articles. Does not accept multiple submissions are reprints are a hard sell. Simultaneous submissions are okay. Pays $20 for fiction 2000+ words, $15 for shorter fiction and poetry, plus two copies.

Tor.com--Accepts original science fiction and fantasy; particularly interested in stories under 12,000 words. Pay 25 cents a word for first 5,000 words, 15 cents a word for the next 5,000, and 10 cents a word after that (SFWA). Editors: Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Liz Gorinsky.

Verb Noire --Publishes genre fiction with a person of color or LGBT as the main character. Book-length manuscripts must be at least 250 pages. Short fiction of 100 pages or less, poetry, and critical essays are also accepted. Editors: Mikki Kendall and Jamie Nesbitt Golden.

Wilde Oats --Publishes gay/bisexual male-centered fiction of all genres. Accepts short fiction of 2000-10,000 or serial fiction of no more than four installments.