Editorial Standards for the Queer Friendly Market List

Just another stub/template for discussion. Feel free to munge about and offer your own opinions on these questions.--tychoish

What is the method to our madness?

I would personally say any market that is known for accepting LGBT content (I'd say any market you can find on Duotrope by searching the "LGBT" theme), as well as OA members and editors who "Opt-in" to the list. There should probably be information about the market, and that among that information should be if the market is primarily LGBT or just, as Megan put it, "tolerant" (perhaps "accepting" is more appropriate, but I'm not here to nitpick word choice).--tarkenberg

What earns a market a space on the list? What doesn't?

Given the categories in the list, the requirements do vary a bit. Membership in the Outer Alliance is simple to achieve: join the list, mention us in editorials or participate in our projects as possible. The "requesting inclusion in the list," section is populated (I presume) by the markets themselves or by contacting one of us. Recommendations for new (non member) markets is accomplished either on the listserv, or by adding information about the market to the ?discussion page. --tychoish

What precludes you from the list, and what doesn't?

Any market that specifically states in its guidelines that it will not accept queer fiction or "alternate lifestyles," and possibly any market with a history of stating in personal rejections that it won't accept stories with queer content. I sound hesitant about that last because it might turn into a he-said she-said scenario. --tarkenberg

Who takes responsibility for maintaining this?

How can we be fair?

I think providing an excess of information is better than providing too little, and any statements about a market should be backed up with evidence (links to LGBT stories or editorial statements, or whatever).--tarkenberg

How can this list provide something of value to writers and editors of Queer Speculative Fiction?

By giving writers somewhere to submit, and giving editors more visibility, would be my guesses. I'm not an editor, though, and my goals as a writer may be somewhat short-sighted.--tarkenberg