Miriam Altshuler----represents Alex Sanchez

Dan Lazar at Writers House----has said so

Charlotte Sheedy at Sterling Literistic---she plays for our team

Jim ?McCarthy and Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich---have both said so. Jim ?McCarthy also reps Robin Talley, who writes queer YA exclusively.

Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown--word of mouth that she seeks LGBTQ themes

Stephen Chudney--represents Lisa Jenn Bigelow

Brandi Bowles at Foundry Media---positive feedback on gay ms.

Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown--represents James Klise, has stated wants more queerya

Laura Rennert at Andrea Brown--represents Catherine Ryan Hyde

Jennifer ?DeChiara--represents Brent Hartinger

Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger--represents Cheryl Rainfield

Jodi Reamer at Writers House--word of mouth that she seeks LGBTQ themes

Laura Langlie--represents Malinda Lo

Angela Rinaldi--represents Z. Egloff

Nicole James--represents Johan Harstad & The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd

Ted Melawar--represents Laura Goode

Sarah Davies at Greenhouse--represents Alexandra Diaz

Amy Williams at ?McCormick & Williams--represents Cris Beam

Diana Fox--represents Seanan Maguire and Jo Graham

Folade Bell at Serendipity Literary Agency--website says she seeks gay & lesbian

Roseanna Wells at Marianne Strong--word of mouth