Recommend Queer Reading List

The MarketList is a good place for us--as writers--to communicate with each other regarding the multitude of markets and outlets for Queer Speculative Fiction. Having said that, it is perhaps not the best place to share and catalog recommendations for people interested in reading Queer SF. This wiki page provides a place to begin thinking about (and nominating) work for inclusion in some sort of OA recommendations list.

I think it might be productive to think about ?RecommendationPolicy to consider what ought to get included and what ought to not be included in this recommendation list. Also, while I have set up this page and some starter categories, I think it might be good to have a number of people who are interested in maintaining this page in a more long term manner. For now, however, just add stuff! Page Editors: [[you]]

Written and Edited by Members and Friends of the Outer Alliance

Things We Are Not. Edited by Christopher Fletcher, many contributors are Outer Alliance Members, including Brandon Bell, Eden Robins, and Therese Arkenberg.

Crossed Genres Issue #12 The theme for this issue is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tansgender and Queer. Edited by Bart R. Leib and K.T. Holt. Print copy available on Amazon.

Contemporary Short Fiction with Queer Themes

Contemporary Longer Fiction with Queer Themes

Classics in Queer Speculative Fiction